Hey there all... just thought I'd post this, see what you guys think...

first song, first post, i figured i'd kill 2 birds with one stone.... but not ravens... i like them too much...

Verse 1:
You dug your way into the marrow
And then destroyed it with your Sorrow
A flood of tears was the inception
Then turned to ash with deception

Pre-Chorus:Now the heart is torn
Trying so hard to mend it

Love will never die
And we won't ever forget
All the blinding Lies
For now we live in regret

Verse 2:
The running shadows lead them
Straight into the gallows
White stares meant to condemn
Time has come to sever the rope
Keeping these souls from rest

All these years spent wasted
Forged in blood by her hand
Now I take the quill from you
And I will write my own end

The order would probably be something along the lines of...

Verse 1
Verse 2
< Guitar Solo... of course...>
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