Hey yeah, im in a band and we play like crazy stuff... no not really, we actually kinda suck right now but we have only been a band for about 2 months. We play like A7X, Staind, Incubus, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bullet For My Valentine stuff... but i wanna add a totally new sound into the mix. something completly original that has never been heard before, and i want to find a pedal that is really not like any other pedal out there... give me some suggestions and give me all the advantages and disadvantages of this pedal... also if you can give a price (canadian)
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Something that's never been heard before.... nope.

And making one yourself is a good idea.

Try a load of pedals out in a shop.
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damage control solid metal
damage control demonizer
zvex fuzz factory or any other pedals from zvex
electro-harmonix flanger hoax

you can get some amazing sounds with that
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