can anyone give me some good online lessons to shredding, also some good lessons to sweep picking, or if someone can explain here that would be great

I believe Pick N Grin made a "steal this video" on Sweep Picking. Pretty good stuf.
Huzzah! It is I, S0ulja, the Duke Of Swiss, 3rd member of the Royal order of cheese!

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^He just suggested the video you posted....

Anyway, I'm learning how to sweep pick too, and going to this site has REALLY helped. But you must remember to have patience, and follow every word of that carefully....I'm trying to correct my bad sweep picking habit now,and trust me, its better to learn right the first time. When learning off of that site, you will need this site as well.

For other shredding techniques and lessons, cyberfret is your best friend.

Good luck with all this!