I've been using UG for a long time now, and thought I'd register w/ the forum
alright, so here's lyrics I made up for one of my band's songs called Chance of Rain


Find a way to relax
Calm yourself, don't relapse
To a state of corrupt
Minds leading empty addictions
Break Away from whats new
Go with what more suits you
Pass up your one chance to
Fit in with the rest of the group
Chance you luck so you gain
Chance you life with new aim
Base yourself upon the
Fact that there's a good Chance of Rain

(Verse 1)

Distance - all the colors on the
Wall - patterns remind you of
Fall - a source of peace
Despite - today's not looking too


(Verse 2)

Stranded - out in the open
Air - still awake but not really
There - emotions smeard on the
Floor - the days aren't clear any


Stop - I can't believe what I'm seeing
What you've become - How you stopped being
Your own mind is gone
Shapped to fit all things that are wrong

Wow, that's really good, I would love to rap that, I think it would sound cool that way. I can hear it sung though. It has a folk-y vibe to it.