Hey Guys and Girls,

I have a budget of around £325 to get a new guitar but I'm struggling to choose which one to buy. I have heard some great reviews about the Ibanez ARX100 (http://www.ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=ARX100) but I also quite like Epiphone's G400 Custom (http://www.epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=27&CollectionID=3).

I play a lot of different styles of music so I need a reasonably versatile guitar.

So which one should I get or can you recommend another guitar within my budget for me?

Thanks in advance
I dont really recomend getting the g-400, there more of a rytham guitar. i dont really know anything about ibanez, but it looks decent. other than that maybe a epi les paul

LP's are know for there chunckier sound over a SG...

and theres no such thing as a Rythem guitar or a lead guitar....you make it what you will

i would recommend the Epi.....
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get the epiphone like i said round ure house!!!!!!
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go with the ibanez. the g400 kinda has a slow crappy neck compared to most ibanezs.
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Quote by R~H~C~P

I play a lot of different styles of music so I need a reasonably versatile guitar.

Have you tried a Strat?
fat strat are more versatile than a s/s/s strat. but ts what amp do you have? my recommendation would be a fat strat since they have both single coils and humbuckers
agreed. maybe u just like the way those guitars look. but if u really want a versatile guitar, u might want to check out some single coil-humbucker guitars.

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