Hey, is it me, or did Gibson raise the list price on all their guitars? Did other brands (Epiphone) experience price increases too?

I recently bought a SG classic (the ones with the p-90's). And it cost about $150 more than it did before. I had to buy it off ebay. Saved me around $250.
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well pretty much every year they increase there prices....
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It's a combination of wood getting rarer and thus more expensive and the effects of inflation.
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Ah, i see. It just hit me all of a sudden. I was eyeing that guitar for the past few months or so. And then it suddently jumped up $150. I'm glad I found it on ebay though.
It's damn stupid, but people are prepared to pay that much more for them...

And I doubt inflation is going up that much so fast.
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Mahogany is getting more and more rare, honduran mahogany now has a cutting ban so there is a greater demant for the "cheep" alternatives like African mahogany. Higher demand and smaller amounts means the prices will continue to jump.
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