It is not the amp because my Gibson is completely silent. It hums even if I turn the volume to 0. I get an interruption even if I touch the screws on the mounting ring. How can I fix it? I haven't even opened the backplate or tempered with the guitar so it's not my fault. Probably somtething wrong with the groundind? Please help!

it could be the pick ups
not sure hoe to fix it, try getting new pick ups i the best advice i could give you, you can go to your local GC and ask a guitar repair employee and ask them about it, im sure they will know the problem and how to fix it
Before you go changing the pickups, try the output jack. If the amp is humming with the volume on zero then it's not likely to be a problem with the pups, or electronics. I'd look at the jack and maybe the lead.
is there a change in the humming when you touch a metal part on the guitar (i/e: the bridge)?
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No, but there is a change when I touch the screws on the mounting rings.