Hey! just need a little help here, the guitar i wanna get (schecter c-1 classic) comes w/ Duncan JB's in the bridge which is a good pup, but they put a gold cover or something over it, im just wodnering if that affects the tone a lot, and if it does how so? is it brighter or darker? and can i take them off if i dont lke them?
it doesnt really affect the tone at all, but it can add extra shielding, you can just take it off if you really want

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you can take it off but the work required for it isnt worth it. and any tonal advantages/disadvantages gained by the covers will be lost by the time it gets to your amp (if you have effects running in front of the amp) or by the eq on your amp
Yeah theres a tiny, tiny, tiny tonal difference in the overall.. attack of the note. But like Azn Guitarist said, its nothing a tiny bit of EQ cant fix.