i wana know if any of you out there have heard the brilliance of Angra.it is well put together brilliant prog-rock and i believe its on the same page as dream theater.the difference i would say is more individual brilliance in dream theatre while angra is more well layered together.but someone just post something about them or where i can find more about them cause im fckn hooked as hell on this.
I don't think they're anywhere near as good as Dream Theater.
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IMO Dream Theater are much much better but i still LOVE Angra. Defenetly the best Progressive Power Metal band and I believe that Angra is more "individual brilliance" than Dream Theater..You can obviously hear that in Dream Theater, they each support other's playing.
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they are damn good but not comparable with dream theater...although they are just as good in what they do. Which is making prog-powermetal!

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I really really like Angra. I got a few of their songs off Limewire a while ago and they've just really grown on me. Anyone know any dealers outside Japan where you could get a Tagima guitar like their lead guitarist, it seems sweet
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So that's what it is! Yeah it looks like it has a bazillion frets and just looks really smoothe to play.

Great band. Temple of Shadows is really really good...the only thing is the 2nd half of the album sorta drops off in goodness.
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I think they're better than Dream Theater, although Dream Theater is amazing.
Theres an Angra group link in my sig, there are loads of vids of angra on that group.


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Angra is amazing. First song I heard by them was their cover of Judas Priest's Painkiller. Then I grabbed a bunch of other stuff. Haven't listened to them in a long time though.