when you're bending, is it better if you put your thumbs on top of the fretboard and press against it when bending? I see people putting their thumbs on top of the fretboard mostly when bending although they don't seem like they're using the thumb.
it kinda depends on lots of things. The size of ure hand and whether it feels comfortable is one variable and the satyle of music you're playing is another but as a general rule, most guitarists like to keep their thumbs in the middle of the back of the neck during all manouvers to allow maximum finger space. After awhile u shouldnt need to use ure thumb at all during bends but some guitarist feel comfortable playing like this, however, u will find it difficult to play any kind of shred licks in this position.
A matter firstly of hand size and secondly of preference: some like to bend with the tip of their thumb pressing the back of the neck (common for smaller hands). Some like to bend with their thumb clamping or rapping the neck (common for larger hands. i.e. Hendrix)
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it's effiecient to put your thumb over the top of the neck and using it as a reference point to squeeze against, and like FP said, the point where the index finger makes contact with the bottom of the neck should be used as the pivot point
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