Ok I know how annoying this question is so I just want a yes or no answer.

Is it a bad idea to leave my electric guitar with no strings on?
yeah it is, the neck is used to having tension on it, it will cause the neck to bend n u dont want that
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I think hes right. I never left my guitar without stings before but it makes.
it can go either way...just better make sure you have it on a stand and dont leave the strings off for too long or the neck/rod will bend, then you would be screwed
No it won't, in fact it's recommended for long term storage. The notion that the 'neck is use to tension and will warp without it' has been thoroughly thrashed by luthiers. This common misconception comes from thinking that the truss rod exerts positive counter force -- it doesn't. The truss is a stabelizing rod, which works a lot like an anchor, or support beem.

Tension from the strings, over time, necessitates a neck reset, removing that tension for long term storage decreases the amount of restoration needed when the instrument is taken out of storage (namely, there will be less neck motion). The neck may need a truss adjustment after being taken out of storage, because the wood will restabelize to an un-pressurized curve, but it won't need to be readjusted at the body (the difference in amount of work is significant).

It's generally accepted that removing or detuning the strings for temporary storage or shipping is just stupid, however. The amount of work in bringing them back up to tension is more than any imaginary gains by detuning it for short periods of time (less than 6-12 months).
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It is worse to leave your strings on the electric guitar without playing it than to leave them off without playing it
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Cor is right, I hate it when guitar shop experts give me their bull**** about how you should never take all the strings off. It's simple balance-of-forces physics... you can do it, and it's best if you won't be touching the thing for a while. It does exert a counterforce in this respect, because the strings put something like u to 140lbs of pressure at any given time on the thing... but it's not physically or actively pulling back on them like a mechanical device. It's like an anchor, like Cor said... it just stabilizies the tension and hardly goes out of wack when you remove the strings.

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