Ive got a college interview coming up for the music practical course, and i must perform a piece at the interview, im unsure about what to play. Any suggestions?

Play Oscar Lozéz's Classical Soul or Mozart's Rondo Alla Turka if you can.
Classical pieces always go down well at these things,
dont just shred coz thats all they ever get.
try Asturias or one of them, relatively easy but looks and sounds impressive if you play it right.
Im also a fan of Eugenes trick bag which again is classical influenced but shredding!
I havent got the right guitar to play classical pieces like those. And most the pieces i know i can play flawlessly, they just tend to be stuff like brand new, killradio, and billy talent.
Yeah, you can use any guitar to play any style. You might not sound authentic, but so be it. But yeah, go with a classical piece. And a "piece" of advice: if you **** up, just keep going. One of the things they're judging you on is your ability to "play through" your mistakes, so don't stop and correct yourself, just keep going.
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Can I just ask, because i'll be in a similar situation for uni, if it's a music practise degree course do you really think they'd be looking for a finger style/classical type piece? Obviously it shows you can play, but it's not really in the style of popular music.
They're not looking for people who can play popular music, since you can be a complete hack with theory/technical ability and be able to play a bulk of popular music out there. Taking time to learn a classical piece, especially using fingerstyle and reading from sheet music and not tab, shows a certain amount of effort and dedication. You also won't be learning any popular music in music school, so why should you audition with something that's not relevant?
Hi, I'm Peter
I think our musical school is different from yours in the states. I've read up a little on New York university as it happens, and their emphasis was very much on classical/orchestral sort of situations where as, I believe university courses here are more tailored towards becoming a session player or what have you, i.e having/developing a broad spectrum of playing abilities (as well as knowledge on the business side of things) and a lot of that is 'popular music'.

I completely see your point about the effort and dedication though for sure, although it could be argued learning a steve vai piece requires similar dedication to play perfectly.
Yeah, most programs in the states focus on classical music, and some also do jazz studies. Few and far between do anything regarding rock guitar. Maybe Berklee or the Guitar Institute or some place like that. Also, most schools want guitarists to audition on acoustic instruments; a lot of self-stylized shredders would cry like babies if you take their Ibanez away from them.
Hi, I'm Peter