hey all, i'm looking to buy the Squier Affinity Strat in Red. Firstly, Do you think this is a good starter's guitar?

And secondly, What's that stick-thing to the left of the strings in black and what does it do? Is it important?
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I cant see the stick thing...and a squire is a good started guitar...wont be a good guitar but if your just starting out it would be ok
there we are, it's uploaded now. the black thing to the right between the strings and knobs.
It's called a Tremolo Bar, and it's important I guess depending on what type of music you play. If you press down on it, it lowers the pitch, and if you pull up on it, it makes the pitch higher. It's kinda cool actually.
Trem Bar Whammy bar what ever ya wanna call it....either way ya dont wanna use it on a strat bridge... it will go out of tune like a bitch
a bit blurry?
and yeah a squier strat would be a good stater guitar BUT if you get a yamaha pacifica it'll end up cheaper and way better and its the same but with better woods and stuff like that, just a pointer
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theres no such thing as a whammy bar. its a kick stand .

... .

i thought it was called a wanking bar
thanks for all your replies guys, i really apprieciate it. Thanks, Matt.
I've got that exact guitar...

except all of my pickups are single coil.

But it's a good beginning guitar. You can get alot of sounds out of it, that's for sure.
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