I'm looking into buying a Vox AD30VT. I've been playing about 8 months and ready to ditch the small, cheesy Peavey I bought when I started. Looking for something that's small gig worthy and also can practice on. I play a lot of pop-punk, classic rock, and older country, so need an amp that can do a lot. The thing is, I practice when my 18 month old is sleeping, so I need something that has that pop-punk distortion at low volumes so I don't wake the little one.
If you're looking for a gig-worthy amp, look at the AD50 and above. IMO, 50W solid state is the bare minimum you should be looking at if you're looking for an amp that you can use with a band for practice and gigs. under 50W ss, and it's essentially a home practice amp. Yeah, if you crank a small 30W amp, you can be heard over the rest of the band, but your sound will be a muddy mess. You need more power so you have extra headroom to play with.

And even with an AD100, you could still practice at low volumes and get great tone.
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I'm not sure where it starts, might be at the 30, but I'm sure that the AD50 has a selectable power switch at the back to cut your watts.
Actually, it's a smooth-throw knob, and you can adjust from .1 watts to whatever the max is. It's available on the AD30VT and up. But don't get the AD30VT. The speaker is terrible. I have one, and while it sounded cool in the store, within a couple weeks it just turned out to be a disappointment. Doing it over again, I'd get the 50, which has a Celestion.
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