I'm looking to invest in a multi effects.
I am not going for the really expensive boss units that take up your entire floor, I'm just looking for something cheap but decent.
So which is better- digitech or zoom?

Checking around I've seen some that could be appropriate:

Zoom ZFXG2 for £60
digitech rp100a for £50
Zoom G2 for £50

Which is the better? Any general commentds?
I have the Zoom 505II - I like it alot, but my friend had a Digitech RP80 and I liked that more :P
I've got a digitech rp100 and I think it's pretty cool. There is alot of stuff on it I havn't really tapped into though such as customizing my own effects, not because it's hard to do but because I'm lazy. My friends played around with it and made some really cool ones. I've never tried a Zoom though so I wouldn't be able to tell you about those.
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I also have the Zoom 505 II- its awesome, probably the best one I have used.
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I dont have ne of those, but i got a digitech black 13, that thing is nice. Id go with digitech if i were u
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i have a zoom G2.1U, it is an ABSOLUTE BITCH to tweak, but there are a million and one options and you can finally get a really good tone out of it. also it's got a USB asio sound card inbuilt and an expression pedal. 89£ online however i believe the G2 (the one without USB and expression pedal) is about 50£ - and it is seriously crazy the ammount of effects.
I've got a Zoom 505II and it's a very mediocre pedal. I've heard DigiTech are much much better.