anyone out there know where i can find a schem and ideally a vero board layout (or atleast perfboard layout) for a decent bass Fuzz. Nothing too complicated (like 50 odd components is just stupid) but io would like it to be like a flea-esque bass fuzz/OD sound, think around the world.
i listened to every soundclip of that, and not one of them feature a bass, so its impossible to tell how it would sound with a bass, its all with guitar
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i listened to every soundclip of that, and not one of them feature a bass, so its impossible to tell how it would sound with a bass, its all with guitar

I've made one for a bassist friend of mine (the regular version with the MPSA13, used the 4.7uF capacitor on the input side) and it works fine for him according to what he says, no idea how it sounds though since I don't see him with his gear very often
Probably not, it'd just give you more sub-audible bass mess around with it
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OK, i'll look into it more, any other ones out there in the big wide world?

a Big Muff is a bit fancier but it should work as its been used succesfully in the past, not sure how Flea-ish though (mainly know for being used by...Cliff Burton? I'm not much of a bassist)

though you could really shift the frequency ranges around or prettymuch any pedal and get it to work decently for bass.
on a Tubescreamer for example: http://www.muzique.com/lab/fatt.htm (the low E of a bass is something around 40hz) (because Flea uses those Boss bass overdrives, not sure how similiar they are to this though)

one day I want to try out a Fuzz Face on a bass
well i got a bit bored so decided to throw a quick veroboard layout together

click clicky to make it bigger

anyway, not sure if that would work and the annotations are a bit n00bish, but if someone would like to glance over this and the schematic and tell me if i did good then i would be very greatful.


this is the deluxe bazz fuss by the way (further down that page. second to last schem)
you could get rid of that jump left of the transitor, move the diode over to the right by the right of the transitor mounted vercitcally

edit: I'm working on a very layout that'll be pretty tiny
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Ok. i just finished building and testing it. Its pretty fun. Heres some pictures:

Heres some video clips:
1. Panama (Crappy playing, sorry just learned the song): http://media.putfile.com/Panama
2. Paranoid (Crappy playing again, sorry): http://media.putfile.com/Paranoid

Oh yea, my doesnt have any pots. Didnt have any .
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Just realise that that cut trace left of the bottom of the transitor isn't neccesary



my breadedboarded version of it (old pic, it was the simple one, I got this on a tiny peice of perfboard )

and any old mp3 clip of it with a downtuned guitar http://www2.arnes.si/~spribe/slike/guitar/bazz.mp3 (only dropped the low E string down to A mother****ers )

very synthesizerish
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holy moly! i need to work on my veroboard skills!! quick question about the pot annotations, when you say 'INPUT thickness lugs 2 3' for example, does that mean run a wire from there to lug 2 and then a nother from there to lug 3? and the same for all the others obviously.

EDIT: going by your sound clip seljer, i would estimate that it would sound great on a bass, the lower down it got, yhe more growly it got.
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I usually just run one wire, strip a bit more off the end then solder it to both of the lugs.

Practically you only need to run wire to lug 2 in any case like that (when the potentiometer is basically just being used as a variable resistor), buts its advised to also connect lug 3 so if the pot fails (the middle one doesnt connect, its happend to me a ton of times with new pots ) there is still a resistance between the 2 points on the circuit.

edit: like you wrote it in your layout, "solder lug 2 to lug 3"

edit: the "INPUT, thickness lugs 2 3" part is both the wire coming from the bypass switch and the wire going to the pot
yeah, how to wire 3PDT switches with LED indicator, true bypass and only on when input jack connected is my next lesson.
I think the 2.1mm socket is what you want (like the commonly used Boss and other ones used the 9v for pedals)
Ha Seljer, you could so play some old school video game music with that, the first part of the riff i thought was some kind of video game music until i realised what it was.
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