ok ive been thinking about getting a new guitar. which one between these two should i get?
a Kelly KE3 Jackson or a ESP LTD F-250

Go for the ESP man. ESP rock! But don't get me wrong Jackson be good too.
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ESP all the way

Esp are much better than Jackson

I really despise Jackson for some strange reason
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see, i'm a jackson guy. and the kelly guitars are pretty schweet looking.
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kool thanx, cuz my friend keeps telling me to get the jackson but i want the esp
Kelly. I'm also a Jackson guy, but try out both if you can. My friend has a LTD, and it sounds great with his setup.
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kool thanx, cuz my friend keeps telling me to get the jackson but i want the esp

mate telling you by looking at their specs the Jackson will **** all over the LTD. but if you want go get the LTD but its not going to be that great compared to the Jackson