This song has lyircs quite meaningful and really deep...you can try to understand it all but it may take you a while. It's a sort of angry song, but melodic. Has a variety of sounds including distortion, bass, drum kit, elecric organ, acoustic guitar, clean guitar, and tamborine and VOX.

RUN AWAY AND HIDE is about trying to run away from your love for someone but not having the guts too and wanting to get away fomr it all.

Thx alot!! I'll crit back, even if it takes me a week i'll do it lol!!!

2nd one down..."Run Away and Hide"
Nice intro , nice riffage in the part after the intro . I cant say that this is a heavy track , it is more like a punk love ballad , but with very good quality , nice singing , nice riffage like i said before. My advice would be to write more songs, and post them often in ug in order for us to hear them. This was very enjoyable. I shall mention that this kind of music is WAY not my style , but your song was pleasant to my ear , i heard it twice , maybe i'll do it again .

Comment mine?
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Post more songs?? I live a hectic life and a busy job 8 till 5 every week day and do other stuff besides... but I'll try. Thx for ur help and suggestions.