basically, i want record stuff. simple, eh?

alright, i just want to know everything i need to do so.

basically just tell me:

what i need: computer hardware, software, just what do i need to buy.

how to use the complicated stuff.

and any advice.

Im not rich, so help me with the cost. altogether it should be around $1000.

If u have a good recording setup, to record entire bands, please just tell me exactly what u use and how u use it.

thx much
I thought I was the only one... Dammit.
you're looking at well over a thousand dollars. Start small. build it up. You're going to need software for your computer(hardware too) or you can just get a digital 16 track recorder like a korg, boss or fostex. These recorders come with CD burners. They also(computer software does too) have built in drum machines, bass and guitar. They also have many effects built into them, so this would be what you want first. Then get 5 or 6 shure sm57's and sm58's these mics are good for recording and for live sound(You can use these temporarily to record your drums too). You'll also need a mixer and some really good drum mics, and a really good vocal mic. cables cables cables. Start slow and work your way up.