I made a neat little cover of Ms. Jackson, I was bored and tired after a party (and a few). It came out alright, I'm going to re-record the video sometime when I'm right in a head. Do you guys think I should record an strictly audio version with my bass player and drummer also?


I apologize for the picture quality in advance, but the sound came out better than I thought.
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Your voice is better when you go higher. But its not bad lower either. Pretty good. I thought all you were gonna do was the chorus but you surprised me. Nice falsetto!lol.
haha, mr jacksoWWWN haha, sing with your own voice, and dont be afraid to articulate the words in your own way, cause its making jackson sound like you suddenly snap into a southern accent with ms jacksoWn, and you need to be about an octave higher, that low voice doesnt sound natural to you
damn... i was looking foward to it but you deleted it
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