I hate it! You know what I mean, the eighth note powerchords filling up a common time measure, then switching to another powerchord, repeat, repeat. I always tell myself never to write anything that resembles this style. So I rarely use powerchords because they scare me Barre chords and open chords are cool, but when I use those the song always ends up so... Well it's always turns out an acoustic tune, which is fine, but I just want a decent rock song, and powerchords are great for that.

So how can I avoid having my tunes sound so generic. I rarely use common time anymore, mostly 3/4, but I think I should use 4/4 in a distortion filled rock song. I never, ever ****ing fill a measure with 8 eighth note powerchords. I always have a diverse strumming pattern, and theres usually some cool lead riffs, and not as much vocals as most music. And I try to stay away from the verse chorus verse crap, but I'm never happy with my songs I always think they sound the same as all the other new music, when I'm going for a Radiohead/Pink Floyd style.

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It seems like what is happening is that everytime you try and write a really cool epic rock song it turns out bland. Maybe you should try writing a straightforward poppy verse chorus verse rock song, it might turn out you get the opposite (what you really want). It's like revers phsycology for songwriting.
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i honestly think he should learn more about music and think less about what he's doing, i know me personally, the less i think about what i'm doing in a song the easier more parts that sound different come to me.....
If you the song, Go With the Flow by Queens of the Stone Age is a really cool song that has the eigth note power chords played in 4/4. The entire rhythm guitar for that song plays that. The great work of the other instruments sort of hides this, but the steady rhythm guitar pulse in the background gives the song a really good groove. Now that I think about it, a lot of QOTSA songs are like that. I personally really like that style but it just may be the type of stuff that you hate .
Try basing a different sound off the notes in a mode. That's what I do, I always get interesting tunes out of doing that.
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If push comes to shove, put the instrument down and listen to as much music as you possibly can. Analyze it, but almost subsonsciously.

Honestly, the 6-song EP my band is set to record (nothin' special, and it's on our own budget, and it's really just to get down a couple takes--plus it won't be mastered ) has barely any "original" music to speak of, in a sense. It's all about the influences, my friend... rock and roll songs are about nothing. They tell what, not why. Plus, there's hardly any more "original" styles out there. Nothing was ever really "original," though---you're always copying someone. I know this sounds depressing at first, but it's the truth. It's what makes rock so damn good.

Anywho, get some music in your blood.
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