My PC = 3GHz processor, 2Gb memory, 250Gb HD, etc...

Stepping back from a wayyyy obsolete standalone 4 track recorder, I need an 8 channel device to hook up to the PC so that I can record/edit/burn to CD. USB can record only 2 channels simultaneously while I understand that FireWire will do more?

For now I would like to record my vocalist, guitarist (that'd be me) and drummer, but have the flexability to record more instruments down the road (such as keyboardist, bassist, etc).

What brands/models should I look at in the +/- $300 range?

I'd also appreciate any pros/cons pertaining to different brands/models.
M-audio are a brand that has a few interested products. firewire for the go, but recording 8 tracks simultaneously? Why not record track by track (most recorders in that price range are deisgned to record track by track). Check out popular software out there like protools, cubase etc and see what they recommend (i think protools recommends m-audio for it's m edition or something like that).