I know there is an old thread in metal about them, but they are definitely WAY more prog than metal. Im not talking about Strapping Young Lad, Im talking about Devins other band.

Anway, anyone like them? They are one of my favourite prog groups, if you havent heard them check out Tierra or Synchesta, they are both brilliant and good starting albums.

There are some samples here: http://www.myspace.com/devintownsenddtb
Shred? Well, only the ones that Vai plays on...

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wel that's more like Vai's (band) with Devin in it. Not the other way round.

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don't they have a more industrial alt/metal sound as opposed to a progressive sound?

SYL does, I don't know about the Devin Townsend band I haven't heard them.

But I like SYL.
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SYL is like a mix of Thrash, Death, and Industral. Hard to put into one genre. Devin Townsend is Prog Metal, with verious elements.

BTW, I like both SYL and DTB the same. Awesome work IMO.
I like both SYL and DTB, both awesome bands, Devin is very creative.
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wel that's more like Vai's (band) with Devin in it. Not the other way round.

How so?

I picked up Terria the other day. Awesome ****.