Hi i got a little 8W amplifier.
it has
-and an overdrive button

How do i get a big cool rock sound?
by setting it on fire then killing yourself

seriously, that may be hard...
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Hmmm.. dude, i dont think you'll be able to get a "big" rock sound out of it. I suggest.......................................... get a new amp!!!!!! Ok enough of that. Go into the ultimate settings thread here in gg&a and see if you can find anything.
well this should go in the settings thread, but i'll help you before i report it sooo

tone: about 3 o'clock.
adjust the gain till you have enough, i'd start at 3 o'clock.
volume is volume, wont really matter. try to keep it under half way.
and push the overdrive button.

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Belongs in the settings thread.
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