hey i was thinkin of gettin a multi-effects pedal, i kno that single effects sound better but they cost a lot more and i dont mind sacrifing a LITTLE quality for somthin thats cheaper and that has a lot more effects.

i was lookin at either the boss ME-50, the boss GT-8 and the line 6 PODXT Live. i kno that the gt8 and the podxt cost more than the me-50 and r probably better but i was wonderin if they r really worth the extra money? i was checkin out the me-50 and it seems really cool but i would just like to kno wut u guys think of it, r the distortions good? r the effects good? also i hear that the gt8 and podxt r more complicated to use, that is y im leanin towards the me-50.

well anyways thx in advance for any advice. oh ya and i play mainly any type of music, from punk to metal to rock, that is why im lookin for somthin thats versatile, such as a good quality multi-effects pedal.

Line 6 is known for their effects, though you have to be really good with electronics and programming since its about a 50-100 page manual...i got a GNX but thats just me. If your looking for metal stuff though id find a good Distortion pedal and wait for a while to get the rest...Other wise Line 6...they also have a whole bunch of Amp models for metal.
I own a ME-50 and I am totally happy with it, can get a metal sound as well as a distorted blues/rock sound like AC/DC
Go for the ME-50, its's great for the money
i own the pod xtl and i couldnt be happier with it.
but for effects alone, id go with one of the boss products. the l6 is much better at the whole shebang (acting as an effect/preamp/cab/mic simulation) but the boss has more options for just the effects, especially distortion. if you have a good enough amp, or are going to upgrade to a normal tube amp, go wit the boss.
aight guys, thx for the advice! i think im gonna go wit the me-50 but i'll first stop by the shop and see how it sounds.