or rather, their guitar plugged into their amp. cos i just got my first amp. its a roland cube 100, but if i turn the settings a certain way i can hear faint crackles and i assume thats normal. but wot makes people shocked? is it their carpet? their clothes? something wrong with the amp? sweat on their hands?
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its just ive read peoples stories of when they just touched their bass strings and they got a huge shock or something.
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Its from a bad ground or something
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that crackling is very likely interference from other electronics.

it took me a while to figure out that a really annoying egg'like crackling was not the amp, or the outlet, or the guitar, but the computer monitor i play next to.
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If something is not grounded, for example, the sound system, or your amp, then you could potentially get shocked when touching both. See that you have three prongs on the plug that goes into your wall? Leave it that way. Play alot of clubs? Pay $5 to get an outlet tester, it will check to make sure the outlet was wired correctly. If it's not grounded, don't use it.

On a side note, my dad was almost killed while we were on vacation--we were fishing and staying in a small cabin like thing, well, cleaning some fish, he stood up and his shoulder brushed against the wall AC unit thing he was standing next to. He got shocked. My dad is an electrical engineer, so he grabs a multimeter and checks, turns out the hot was wired to the case on alot of the AC units in that camping area, he was standing in a little bit of water and was very lucky to still be alive. I have a friend who was on tour in europe when he somehow used something that wasn't grounded at all, they use 220/240 over there, he said everyone thought he was having a seizure, he was rolling aorund on the ground twitching for several minutes.....
Yeah, I get shocked from my fender amp. I have a Vibro champ, when whenever i have my guitar plugged in, and touch the strings with one hand, and touch something metal with the other one, i get shocked...The powe connector only has 2 prongs...I have another amp, a fender practice amp, that has 3 prongs, and i dont get shocked feom it. What can I do about my vibro champ??