The top piece 'Zappalike', sure I dont sound that much like him, but my intention was to have that wacky rhythmic approach and cartoonish nature.

Also, the Sci-fi Theme March below that, Was written for a college assignment in which we had to pretend there was a new war of the worlds radio show and that we needed to write the 1 minute long into

anyway, all comments are very veyr welcom and ill crit back
I cant crit cause I've never heard zappa so therefore i can do no comparison .
But I have to say the song was preety cool with great solo's and clean guitars , well played .
Bumping is illegal btw , And i know how you feel cause I TOO have a song that took me lots of blood and sweat to make and nobody critted exept from one guy.
If you took a look at my song i would appreciate it mate.

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Don't bump, crit for crit is how it's done. Watch this post for an example.

Interesting stuff, the midi made it a bit lamer than it would have been otherwise though. Still, really sweet stuff. One thing I might suggest doing is trying to tie it together a bit more, with a theme you repeat now and again, just to make sure everything stays connected. At times it seems a bit scattered. Still really nice stuff. I would have liked to hear more instruments for sure though, or at least more realistic synths.

Crit back please.
I'm not very active here on UG currently.
I'm a retired Supermod off to the greener pastures of the real world.
Yeah i think it does need more continuity and repeated themes, cos at the mo it sounds like alot of dieas clumped together, but thanks very much, and im sorry Necrolust, but my computer doesnt seem to like playing music from DMusic

but keep the comments coming
I know for sure that this took a while to make, because midi's are difficult. But it sounds pretty well done. I've never really listened to Zappa's music, but this sounds pretty complex, and I know for sure how hard that can be.

Good job for it being midi so far.
Before I start off, this song was annoying before it even got a chance to impress me because it's MIDI and very fake MIDI at that.

But I'll try to look beyond that.

The bass line is really cool and the whole feel of the song is definitely very Zappa/Vai like.

The part at 1:50 is great.

Very interesting chords that you use.

Overall the complexity of the whole thing is certainly impressive on it's own, it's like a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

I'm sure this would be AWESOME with a real orchestra.
Since I compose using crappy MIDI, I can look beyond this.

It seems very Zappa influenced: I love the mallet instrument stuff. Interesting changes, I like your writing style. Have you been studying music in college?

This is at once listenable and interesting for me, very cool.

A pity, I might add, that you couldn't have real instruments

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This is very intricate. If you were able to use actual instruments and perform this. Man, it would sound like a great New Wave/Folk song that I've been hearing much of lately. lol. I enjoyed it the whole way through

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Thanks very much, and too pshycodelia, yeah i do do music at college, one more year and I hope to be goin to university to do music

thanks everyone keep comments comin and ill crit back
wwwooooowww. lot's of noise. a little to much going on for me - like some sort of evil-carnival-serial-killer-clown-**** going on here. but catchy, yes. is it all supposed to be panned to the right? cause one ear can't handle all of this. i like when it breaks down - it's relatively soothing. i like when it gets less in-your-face and more intense at the end. interesting - my ears are bleeding but i enjoyed it.

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Quote by flamencogod
great stuff...very Zappa influenced (I'm a big fan). Esspecialy the beginning is VERY Zappa like (jazz from hell album). 1:50 is very good!

Cool, great to see another big fan, and yeah, Jazz from Hell is a good comparison, what with it been primarily his synclavier synthesizer recreating orchestral sounds, which is kinda what im trying to do

But thanks alot, its good to get the Zappa comparison, its about as bigger compliment as I could get
Man, the midi sound is hard for me to get past. I'd love to hear it w/some real instruments. Musically is sounds pretty good. Nice bass line, good progression. Beginning almost sounds like something that should be in a Napoleon Dynamite movie w/the midi lol, dont get me wrong though, I like it. Nice job for a midi track.

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Yeah, some Zappa influence here. Sounded a bit like some of his fusion stuff like Hot Rats or Jazz From Hell.

This is very well written. The beginning is awesome, gets a slightly boring towards the middle, but you managed to pull off a decent ending. You might want to try some other programs to get a better sound. The MIDI is kinda annoying and doesn't do justice to the instruments.

So, apart from that, it was a good composition.

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whoaaa, did you make this on sibelius or something?
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thats some really amazing stuff, ive listneed ot like evyerthing
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People Wouldn't know good music if it hit them in face
- Frank Zappa

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