Hello all,
I'm looking to get a new acoustic (still) as mine is not very good and worth very little and i've got to the point where I am held back by it.
Collectively you all have much more expirience so I am setting aside what I know to take in your expiriences.
Before I start asking things you probably would benefit to know what type of stuff I play, I am mostly a chord person but often play electric solos and riffs acoustically, im looking for the warmest (nicest) sound possible, not tinny and metallic. also not overly loud you know how some guitars are just too loud and its not nice? you cant strum quietly :P
I have some questions:

1. Are there any non electro-acoustic cut aways? they seem so rare! a cutaway is something I want becuase currently I find myself wanting to expiriment up the fretboard but am held back becuase my current guitar is non-cutaway.
2. Does a cut away affect the sound THAT much?
3. I'm really looking for an electro for the opportunity to plug in and record or amplify it but honestly if I can get alot better non-electric for my pricerange (mentioned below) I will - is the sound difference between electro-acoustics and normal acoustics that big? ...honestly.

My pricerange is around £250-£300 GBP ($462-$554 USD)

4. I know my way around electric brands but what are the big names in acoustics for this price range?
5. I've never dabbled with the action of a guitar and that type of thing, how common is it that the guitar will need to be fine tuned after purchase?

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions
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1. yes i know i've seen them
musiciansfriend.com may be a help to find one
3. yeah electro and regular acoustics have very different sounds.. from the ones that ive heard.
4. dean ovation taylor and martin are the ones i know
5. action from my point of view seems to be more of a personal thing
some people like low actions some like higher ones if you start to notice that the intonation is getting messed up, you should get your truss rod adjusted etc. (i assume you mean electics on this question) i don't know how often to do that... not very often i assume however.
Go to your local guitar shop and play as many guitars in your price range as you can.

Your bound to find something you really like.

Failing that you may find something you absolutely love but which is a little more expensive. Then you can wait and save up the difference.
Do yourself a favor and get a seagull, trust me you wont regret a single moment of it! their reg acoustics and electro-aco's sound very close in comparison... I personally have the s6 gt cw and I love it... I went ahead and bought a portrait cw also.. but that may be high in price for you(1k US)
1. yes
2. it depends on the guitar. the cheaper the guitar, the more the cutaway will affect the sound. the nicer the guitar, the less it will affect the sound. for instance, breedlove makes some guitars in their custom shop that have all kinds of crazy cutouts and crazy body lines and they still sound AMAZING. this body style for example:

i had the opportunity to play one of these about two weeks ago at my local guitar center and it was simply amazing how good it sounded. it sounded amazing period, but especially considering the body lines. i couldn't believe the sound they managed to produce out of that guitar.... but with a price tag around 6000 USD... it better sound damn good
3. in that price range, i would say yes... but i'm very picky about tone.
4. takamine, seagull, alvarez, and yamaha would be my favorites in that price range
5. immediately after purchase it could need some adjustments but maybe not. it's hit or miss. after you've had the guitar for quite a while, it will definitely need some adjustments on occassion.
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