i was wondering because for some time ive been trying to learn to play like bands such as black dahlia muder, as i lay dying, unearth, norma jean, in flames, metalcore/melodic d3ath metal. coudl some kind soul make a video on a video hosting site such as youtube or google video make a video showing me how to do a couple of techniques involed in playing this tyep of much it would be a great help and im sure woudl help more then just me.

some technique i would i like to know how to do are:
tremelo picking, alternate picking, pich harmonics, that sort of galloping rythm sound in various songs, slides, and any other techniques involved in these genres.

thank you for your time and please no flaming i just need help
Posts like this and your last one about AILD don't belong in the hardcore forum. Even if you're asking about hardcore/metalcore/whatevercore bands you should ask in guitar forum about something like this. Not here.
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