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ok, so i like building things, and i like electronics. so i decided that it would be cool to build myself a pedal. problem: i know nothing about what im doing. after searching around, it looks to me like building a fuzz is probably the easiest place to start. so i start looking around the links in the getting started stick. and i get lost, confused, and then distracted. i learned how to shield my pedal if i dont want to use a metal enclosure, but nothing about what im actually doing.

anyway, this one says easy in the title, so i figured id start there. thats about as far as ive gotten. i figured id try to pick up some supplies and a soldering iron tomorrow morning, then start this weekend. i figure i can get the soldering iron at a hardware store, but do i have to order the other stuff online? i figure radio shack will have some or most of it, but where would i get the board? it looks like it tells me all the parts i need, so ill just be finding those and going from there.

um, so yeah, basicly im asking where can i get this stuff. and what tips to any of you have for a beginner cause im going to need them. uh, so yeah, thanks in advance for any/all help
well for electronics if they are resistors and stuff you can email/mail big companies for samples of the parts you want. other parts are just around at radio shack or else order online.

if you are new to building circuits, you might need a soldering iron...dont go for a fancy one. radio shack is a good place for tools. i guess you'll need copper board, acetone..what not\

pots iono they're around, or else find a electronic junk yard and you can prolly get vintage stuff too. there arent too many of those around. fry's or radio shack and the internet.

tips: read soldering tutorials....and you should get proficient with soldering before you mess with your parts, especially the expensive ones.

if you ask companies for sample resistors and stuff, make sure you ask for more than you need. if this is your first project, you could burn something.

soldering iron's are hurt. be careful :-D.

iono much about circuits but my dad does this stuff all the time, there's my chip in the stack, have fun!
Fuzz pedals are great to start with. You may want to look at the Bazz. . Its a bass and guitar fuzz. Its a bit harsh of a fuzz though, if you want that. I just threw one together with a few spare parts today on a breadboard just to test it.
Heres pictures and video clips:

1. Panama (Crappy playing, sorry just learned the song):
2. Paranoid (Crappy playing again, sorry):

For parts, look at , , . Those are good.
^ i actually have something like that breadboard. it has a ton of stuff on it, but it has a thing like that on one side. if i wanted to try it out on that before i build it, how exactly do i tell what hole connects to what other hole? thats the thing thats always confused me on those thingies, so i can never work well with them.

as for soldering, i know ive got to grab an iron. ive done it a couple times before, so hopefully after reading up on it as a refresher i should be ok. basicly i plan on going to home depot for the soldering iron, solder, and probably some wood for the casing. then radio shack for the parts, and then ill order whatever else i cant find online. thats the plan anyway.

thanks for the help everyone. ill be back again, most likely with some problems or questions
Dont buy parts at radio shack, besides the iron, solder, wires, jacks and switches. They are expensive for resistors, capacitors, etc. and dont have a great selection.

Heres the layout of how its connected:

The blue lines show whats connected on the main part, and then you can see what is connected by those other lines. Dont worry about the other parts on the board.
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There is TONS of information in here for n00b builders...people come in all the time and demand information on pedal building. Everytime they get pointed to the stickies, and to the search button...

There's lots of info for good first projects, you just gotta take the initiative to look a bit harder.

I don't recommend Radioshack, too expensive.
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i also agree that i meant to say that i only recommend radio shack for the tools. soldering iron, solder, voltage meter...etc.

you can get sample resistors and stuff from of charge. a lot of big electronics producers sponsor educational stuff, such as attempting to build your own circuits.

dad used to work with national semi conductor, and he said many companies liek them and in the same field like to give people/kids free stuff to try out.
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haha UG is in its fuzz pedal build stage. Existing builders and a bunch of new builders are building fuzzes

we lost AlGee so something else had to take over :/
ok, im looking at the schematic for the bazz fuzz that call1800 posted. looks simple enough, so i want to make sure i get all the right stuff. so what i see there is:

batter terminal (thing on top)
100k resistor
100k pot (those are two blue squiggles)
1N914 diode (grey)
2n5008 transistor (purple)
2 capacitors, 4.7uF and .1uF (green things)
input & output jacks (left and right extreme)
then all the upside down pyramid things are grounds (i think)

ok, so two things i gotta ask. input is on the left correct? and where is the switch? i read that i need to use a DPDT switch, but i kinda dont see one on there unless im missing something. or is there not one and the thing is just on?
Your parts list is correct. Remember though, the 4.7uF is electrolyc (it has a positive and negative). Input is on the left. You dont need a switch, but im sure you will want one to turn it on or off. Ask Seljer for informatioc on that,
well folks, the thing works on the breadboard. i got a horrible buzzing the first time i tried it. realized that i forgot to ground anything. tried it again, and got some awesome buzzing when i played. so it works, minus the switch which i dont know how to wire. if someone would like to help me out on that, id be much appreciated. tho if this is how i would do it i think i can handle it.

how do i use the perfboard? the begginers tutorial just says follow the directions in the kit, but since radioshack didnt have a kit, im kinda stuck. it says something about etching solution, but thats about all it says where im reading. im gonna hit up another radioshack on the way home from work tomorrow see if they have the kit, but any help in the meantime is greatly appreciated. thanks everyone

EDIT: never mind on the switch, that diagram is good so i got it working.
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ok, so i kinda feel stupid for asking this, but i want to make sure i dont screw up. do i draw the lines on the back of the board for the copper lines? so if this is my layout (well it IS my layout), then i would draw my lines on the back so that when i sodder things the leads from the parts connect to the copper on the back:

thats the way it makes sense to me, but i just want to make sure before i do something stupid.

well, im off to practice soldering for a bit so i dont screw that up either. thanks for the help
how hard are tubesceamers to build as a first pedal
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tubescreamers are pretty hard for a first pedal.

jof- do you want to use a pcb (etched board), or a perfboard? You can just use a perfboard and not have to etch it. What pedal is this? It looks easy enough that you dont need to etch a board.
^ well i have both boards actually. ive already drilled all the holes and such in the PC board tho, so im gonna etch it. i figure its best to do that on an easy one so when i do another one ill know what im doing. its the bazz pedal but ive also got a switch wired in. i dont think im gonna etch it today tho cause i want to work on the enclosure a bit first, so i know what length wires i need to run things everywhere.
ok, so the pedal is built and working (still gotta paint it tho). but i still have a question. the post on the pot i have is rather long and i want to cut it so it isnt sticking 3 inches above my pedal. will i screw anything up by cutting just the post? i mean i dont think so, but i dont wanna start cutting and realize i just screwed the whole thing up.

also, i found that those metal things for wall wiring work well as a pedal housing. punching out the tabs gives a nice place to attach the jacks on the sides and the switch on top. the holes in the top were almost the perfect size for the pot, just needed to be widened a bit. and its metal, so its built like a freaking tank. just thought id share cause i thought it was a pretty good idea.
Hmm. I have also been wondering about those long pots. Let me guess, you got it at radio shack? i usually just order mine, but idn sorry.

Take a picture of the enclosure and post it if you can.
^ yeah, got the pot at radio shack. ill be ordering my next batch of stuff so ill actually get exactly what i want, but as for the first one i just got stuff from radio shack. and on to pictures.

side and back:

next to tubescreamer to show size:

the enclosure that i used is solid, metal, and easy to open to back for battery replacement. the best part is that it cost under $2. im gonna paint some stuff on it at some point, but im not entirely sure what at the moment. but there it is in all its crappiness/glory.
its a fuzz actually. a rather fuzzy fuzz that im going to name the fozzy fuzz, or something similar to that. which is why im gonna try to paint fozzy the bear on the lower left hand corner, and hopefully not mess it up.
Is a Wah pedal hard to build as a first project? Since i really dont want a fuzz (i already have a Boss MT2 and Zoom G2 so more than enough distortion, flangers etc just no wah..)
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Is a Wah pedal hard to build as a first project? Since i really dont want a fuzz (i already have a Boss MT2 and Zoom G2 so more than enough distortion, flangers etc just no wah..)

why dont you start your own thread.
yea start your own thread, but flangers, chorus, phasers, delays, reverbs and maybe wahs are hard first builds. Do a fuzz or distortion just to get used to building then think about it.

Sorry jof
yeah, you can cut the shaft all you want. There's nothing too important in the shaft, it's just a long piece of metal.
well, i painted it and its drying. didnt come out quite as well as i wanted, but still looks ok. its rather hard to paint on that surface cause there isnt any large flat place. oh well, here it is:

its done and ill probably order parts for my next pedal or two this weekend.
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Is a Wah pedal hard to build as a first project? Since i really dont want a fuzz (i already have a Boss MT2 and Zoom G2 so more than enough distortion, flangers etc just no wah..)


Not so hard if you use a cheap volume/expression pedal and rip it up to house the circuit...then you can use the internal mechanism of that and its variable resistor.

The main problem with a wah is the actual pedal part (building the pedal housing and linking it to the pot controlling the wah sweep)...the circuit's not that bad at all.
ok, well i just uploaded some clips of the pedal to my dmusic site (its here. its at the bottom of the first section and called fuzz test. the first song is hate me by blue october, just to give a feeling from clean to fuzz (yes i butched the song). next part is the crazy train intro (yes i butchered that one too). third one is just me noodling. it sounds a lot better when i turn up the amp (cause its tube), but i couldnt because my parents are meeting with a guy about our AC downstairs. so the tone kinda sucks and the playing sucks more. but thats what it sounds like.
wow on the first part when you turned it on, it was like a crazy bomb explosion. cool. with crazy train, smooth it up and it will be cool. This fuzz will probably sound cool for Paranoid and Iron Man. cool though.
well for electronics if they are resistors and stuff you can email/mail big companies for samples of the parts you want.

what companies??

Plus not to waste everyones time pedal sounds good!!

Sorry the quote got screwed up.
Forgetting to hook up the earth is a mistake that even experienced people will sometimes do. I recently built a valve bass preamp and none of the knobs worked. I went over what I'd done and realised I hadn't hooked up the earth to the pots. Don't feel bad, it's a common oversight.
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