Is there always some paper in the soundhole like this? :

And if so, how do you get it out? Do you remove the strings right from the start? And btw, how DO you take the strings out? I've seen my friend do it in front of me, and it didn't look easy.
some brands do have a label or paper in the sound hole, but it doesnt really affect the sound unless it comes loose. if it bothers you that much just stick your hand in the sound hole and pull it out with the tips of your fingers(you dont need to loosen the strings or remove them if you have small hands). to remove the strings: take a flat head screw drive and pry out the white pegs near the bridge of the guitar, pull the string out, put a new one in, push the peg back down onto the new string
wow... first off dont take the paper out... thats the SN of that guitar.
second you get the strings off by loseing them then pulling out the bridge pins
witch are the little round black or white things where the strings go in to the bottem of the guitar..
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sn is serial number

and yes loosen string first to be safe dont wanna poke ur eye out jsut to get a piece of paper out of ur guitar
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just leave it...my guitar has that dont affect the sound....but if it bothers u just lossen your strngs...untill they are very loose then put ya hands in n grab it =p
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What do you mean SN?

And yeah, it really does bother me, just to see it.

serial number.....

wow id never think to use that smiley until now
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if you want to take the strings off LOOSEN THEM FIRST!!!!!!!!! if you take out the bridge pins while the strings are still tight, bad things will happen, and that peice of paper tells what brand and model your guitar is, so if you really want to take it out because you're going to die if you don't, at least keep the paper for future refrence (i.e. if anyone wanted to buy your guitar in the future? i don't really know, do it just in case)

EDIT: and no, it won't change how the guitar sounds at all, unless it comes loose, as previously stated in this thread
Well, they don't come in all guitars, so if there isn't one visible in the sound hole, there isn't a SN?
dude please dont take that out... they put it there for a reason... its part of the guitar dont take it out...
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Well, they don't come in all guitars, so if there isn't one visible in the sound hole, there isn't a SN?

no. some manufacturers, like martin, stamp the model and serial number of some guitars on the block of wood that stablizes the joint between the body and the neck of the guitar. i'm still not sure why you don't want it in there? you should seriously just leave it.

EDIT: it seems like i've seen some guitars with the serial number stamped on the back of the headstock as well.
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see that's the thing... it's not weird, at all. and it's not really visible either. you're hand covers the soundhole when you are playing and nobody is sitting around trying to see inside your soundhole anyway... who does that? nobody.
All good advice, but I don't actually see a SN on that bit of paper.
^-- the serial number on taks is right below the "truss rod access hole" .... yeah i don't know what it's called, haha

But seriously, that's my point. There's no need to keep hold of that piece of paper as some have suggested. All it states is the model number.

I'm actually trying to remember how I got involved in this thread in the first place.... anyway.....
ok lets put it this way i have a 1500 doller taylor and i where to take the paper out of mine the warranty would be void....
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