Can you use a bass with a guitar PodXT Live? If you do, do you lose any low end since its a guitar effect board? I'm more interested in using the Pod instead of an amp for both bass and guitar, but I'd like to play around with some effects too, like wah and fuzz mostly. I usually like bass clean, but I like to use effects once in a while, and I want to use them without losing a lot of low end. Hows it record bass? I'm just worried about losing low end because its a guitar pedal, and I don't want to spend the money to get a bass Pod and a guitar Pod.
wont matter unless u use like a pickup or amp modeler or compressions/limiter stuff like that
Plugging a bass into a guitar POD probably won't be a good idea.
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Why wouldn't you use a bass POD?
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itll work, but it probably wont sound great. Id reccomend a bass POD. Because genneraly you can get good guitar tone of out of bass amps, but it dwork the other way around, as often.
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Thanks for the help, the reason that I wanted to try this is that I play guitar too, and I'll probably get a bass, and I don't really want to spend the money to get a bass Pod when I would probably use it more for guitar. I'm more into the Pod for recording on bass, and get good tone without spending a lot on an amp. For bass, I'm more into just amp and bass, with guitar, I use effects a lot. I just wasn't sure how good it would work.
Line 6 has a Bass Expansion for the PODs now... so you can use your POD just like a bass POD.