Can i possibly play it with practice? or do i need some special born talent where i can do a tremelo like pick with my pinky and play a riff with my other fingers at the same time? I can play it really slow but i screw up alot..whats the proper way to do the tremelo like finger picking?
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My guess is you somehow tremolo pick fingerstyle with your index+middle+ring and play the bottom notes with your thumb
first of all, it is inpossible to hit 2 different strings that are atleast 1 string apart, i.e. the 4th and 2nd unless u hit the third. the only way to to this is by fingerpicking, so unless u can tremelo with you finger, then id say give this tab a nice **** in the ass!

so in other words, you have to hit the string that is being "tremelo'd" with three different fingers in succession, not a true tremelo. if you would have scrolled down and read the fingering you would not hvae this problem
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it seems playable even though i havent really heard the song, but i bet if you play it 1 hour every day for a moth youll have it down by then...
he does use all of his fingers, he has practiced for years to get it!
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keep trying youll get it kid
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Tremelo picking with multiple fingers is not impossible. It comes with time, just keep fingerpicking.