Poll: ibanez owners- can you shred?
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27 35%
50 65%
Voters: 77.
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Owner of an RG2EX2:
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And No, I cannot shred.
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Breaking the stereotypes?

As the owner of two Sabers, nope, I don't shred.
Blues, prog, rock-n-roll, folk and country styles for me, mostly.
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Owner of an RG2EX2:
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And No, I cannot shred.

sweet i have an rg2ex1 black with white trim

and i can shred
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btw, you're annoying me.


Workin' on it....not quite yet....but getting there....you could call it a slightly slower shred haha....

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well technically the only ibanez i have is an acoustic, but it's an ibanez none the less.

and i'm learning to sweep and such. i wouldn't consider myself a shredder as i've focused more on rhythm since i started playing.
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Damn right.

Me and CustomCustom are working on some duel guitar solo projects..... You can hear both of our playing within hopefully a matter of days.

Both proud Ibanez owners
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just curious

do you own and ibanez, and/or can you shred?
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Ive got an ibanez acoustic anyway, But yes. I can.
It sorta clicked today actually, Im now finally consistent with my sweeps. I had that awesome epiphany moment when I nailed part of a dream theater solo, most sweeping isnt that hard anymore I guess.
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I have an Iceman. I'm learning some techniques so hopefully shred, well if I wanted to that is. But at the moment, no I can not.
I can but I only do it when screwing around and joking with my band. It's like "hey I think we should do a guitar solo here, just improv something for now." And I'm like "okay....." *cue mindless shredding at least 5 times faster than the songs temps*
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Yes. But why the curiosity? Although the stereotype seems to be that Ibanez makes shred guitars, why was the first signature series by Ibanez George Benson's?

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things change? yes.

edit: b.c. rich started as an acoustic/classical company. and eventually started manufactureing super strat style guitars. they were very reluctant to do radical body shapes, which is they're whole game now.
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Not really...no.
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i have an ibanez started guitar. that was my begginer guitar. so i never had plans of shredding when i got it. it was just my guitar, but i am getting there. i could probably stand a better chance on my jackson
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i do what they call red. Its not quite shred, but its what happens to the tips of your fingers when you practice too long so that one day i can get the sh and therefore shred. Oh and i have an S470DXQM.
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I'm working on some shred like techniques... I can't shred nor do I ever see myself becoming a shredder. The shreddiest thing I can play is tornado of souls by megadeth up to 4:00... after that pull of lick I give up...
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i have an ibanez gig bag
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No I can't shred. Shred is mainly for showoffs ala Malmsteen. Vai is a true shredder, and they don't come along often.
I have an RG1570. I can't shred and I have no desier to learn.
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nope can't shred but hoping to reach 'shred levels' with time..

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I have an RG1570 and cannot shred. I can play quite fast and cleanly, but i'd say that's more ripping than shredding. I used to be heavily into shred and was getting close to being able to, but then suddenly lost any interest in it and now have a lot of fun playing alt. rock/indie stuff with my friends.

I'd rather be able to rip it up a bit when necessary in a song than be shredding all over the joint. Just seems a bit more satisfying to me.
i've gotta S prestige and a GAX75. the closest to "shred" is the middle part of friends by Joe Satriani. nah, i love my minor pentatonics.
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my guitar says fender squire on it does that mean its an ibanez?

*2,5 seconds*

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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
When you buy an Ibanez, you magically learn how to shred. Fact.
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I don't shred and I don't have the urge to shred, but I've got an artcore and use it for jazz and punk.
I have an s470, and i can shred to a certain degree. Sweeps need more work though.
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with a guitar like this, how could you not?
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i cant shred, but i can play fast. shred annoys me. but paul gilbert pwns....
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Nope, have to desire to right now maybe in a few years though just for showoff reasons.
By the time i buy my ibanez (christmas) i should be able to, learning surfing with the alien to get me started, i cant wait to be able to shred lol

and not all ibanezes are shreddy, artcore arent, i dont usually associate icemans with shred (dont ask me why) and there are loads of other ibanezes that arent good for shred.
I used to own an Ibanez, but i sold it to buy my gibson. I can shred and Ibanez guitars are good for it, but i usually choose not to, because while shredding is fun to do for most people its not very fun to listen to and i prefer to m\play music that people other than guitarists can fully enjoy.
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I know a lot of non guitarists that enjoy listening to shred, hell one person thought it was entertaining watcheing me play guitar for a while, while people were in a big mosh pit type thing lol, but then again i probably share a different opinion in music than you.
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