I have Hot Rats on my computer, i was wondering if you can reccomend another one of Zappa's albums most similar to Hot Rats (just to get started).

I read that he's created an album in almost every genre, I was wondering if theres a website or something that breaks down his discography by genre rather than release date or alphabetical order.

Most similar to Hot Rats i've heard is The Grand Wazoo

But as a second Zappa record, i'd recommend something else. If you enjoy the jazzy aspect of Hot Rats and don't mind weirdness, try Uncle Meat.
Personally, i'm very fond of his mid 70s work. Roxy & Elsewhere is a very good album, and so is One Size Fits All.

video of Inca Roads from One Size Fits All
Dammit his band was good. Check out the girl who plays the vibes (Ruth Underwood), she's awesome.

I don't know about genres though... Zappa's music is hard to label, it's quite unique.
There are quite a few Zappa threads, and there was one where people were saying their favourite albums of his (in this forum), so please search for that one.
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