Hello, everybody! I'm new here and I'd like to introduce a band called Brigade
They're 4 guys from the UK and they're together since 2003, but it has been this
year when they've published their first album "Lights"

They're a rock, alternative, post-hardcore band, so if you like this kind of music, check them!!

You can hear some of their songs in their myspace: www.myspace.com/brigade
And more info about them here: www.brigadeworld.com

If you like them, you can also voted for them in the Kerrang Awards 2006 for the Best British Newcomer here: http://www.kerrangawards.com/kerrangawards
I think they deserve it, cos they've worked really hard!

Hope you like! Please, tell me what do u think about them when you've heard them!
I've heard them a million times before, but only actually heard them now.

and i supose this is your band (no problem witht that!)
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yes! i know them, they're such an amazin band, and im sure that they'll be a big one
If this isn't a street team thing I'll eat my hat.
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