hey guys,
i have been reading up on a lot of things, and i am jsut wondering what is the difference between active and passive pickups?
are there adv. and/or disadvantages to each?

im not hip on all the hardware stuff, i just play, and thats all ive ever done.
can you guys help me out?
Do a search.

Also no vs threads.
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i was just hoping to get some imput, and if you dont have any there is no need to post.

and i didnt mean to make a --typically speaking-- "vs" thread, i just meant the difference between.
i wasnt putting them against eachother or anything.
well...all i know about actives are EMG's.
they are great for distortion.
and good for a bluesy light overdrive clean.
the pickups with provide that extra boost.
but the EMG 60 pickup..has passive like cleans.

the EMG 81 and 85 (most common combo) is mainly for hard distortion.
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thanks guys,
and funkyP for the link. i dont have a bass so i wasnt looking in there.