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3 18%
14 82%
Voters: 17.
gt.. you suck, go home

...and yes i voted for you

P.S. because it was sick. really nasty playing man (those rapid fire pinch harmonics made me pee )

beerman.. *awkward silence*

gt just had skills on you but i seriously give you mega props for originality

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Quote by AlpineHigh
but seriously man how did you do those pinch harmonics? do you alternate pick them? is that possible? im gonna go try.

No I just have ungodly downstroke speed....

I leave the very edge of the tip of my thumb of my picking hand lightly on the string and alternate pick.
I think the other dude was being serious.....
Originally posted by bobjewell87:
what the hells an emo song?
In other news, I think you won. At least I got 20% of the vote. More than I was expecting actually.