Does anyone know if they sell the all white guitar Prince had in the Purple Rain movie? if they ever even marketed it then please tell me a place where i'd be able to purchase it.
That guitar screems custom, but he ahs also used a Tele (you can see the Tele in "When The Doves Cry" video)
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I dunno but thats the only thing in relation to his body that I would wear. (that 80's clothing is horrible).

By the Way, Prince is an extremely underrated guitarist.
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**** yeah he is, he's amazing.

Man, I wish I could find that guitar too, but I doubt it was ever a production model. I'm sure that with a little cash, however, you could get your hands on one.
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yeah....i dunno, i figured maybe they might have mass produced it due to the movie...it's a pretty sweet guitar, probably sounds like crap in real life...but still sweet none the less...
^ that's a Rickenbacker 330 I think, but it doesn't have the Rick bridge.
EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't watch it to the end, I have no clue what the white one is.
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You're never going to find an original Husain...I'm pretty sure Prince has all of the originals. Schecter builds copies of the original for prince, and at one time they made a small run of replicas. It seems that some are for sale on the NPG site, but I can't get the page up right now to confirm. See http://www.angelfire.com/music5/hectim/cloud_faq.html for details.

Have you thought about just building one? The body is fairly simple to dupe. And it would probably be better anyway...Prince is a big fan of all-maple guitars, and the replicas follow the same formula so they're probably just as bright as the original.