i know theres like 50 billion of these threads already but i just need some quick help and i sqwear ill never ask again. ok i got a acoustic guitar about 1month ago and i previously played bass so i can play like any song with just power chords but im sick of jsut strumming in the same "hand formation" all the time . im looking for a song with some strumming easy chords ( i have trouble with like rhcp songs ) and i dont know how to desribe but like lots of picking like the solo in what went wrong or the intro to one eightey seven so thatnks for the help and pardon my typos
Wonderwall - Oasis.

If you want something with lots of picking then why not try 'fingerpicking'?
if you want something with easy chords and some easy picking, try some jack johnson stuff. the song better together comes to mind.
uve got to hide ur love away by the beatles is very easy,only uses basic chords pretty much
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