Anybody who knows anything about Gods of Guitar knows about Edward Van Halen, and his customized guitars. Recently I have customized mine, in an EVH way, by spray-painting it and using painter's tape. But it wasn't any of the classic EVH colors. I'm all about having good equipment, and sexiness is part of it. Stock-colors did not work with me. Especially when there's no burst, stripes, shiny colors, or interesting textures. So I Van Halenized (that's a word used to describe painting anything you may own with spray paint and tape) my guitar. I also like to have things with good quality. I've heard that Les Pauls are awesome. BUT EVERYBODY HAS ONE! I would like a Les Paul, but I'd rather just get new electronics, and hardware, and even paint a small, black Van Halen logo to take place of the Squire logo. I figure it's cheaper to pimp out my Squire for only the cost of the guitar ($130), the cost of paint ($3 per can), tape, two humbuckers , knobs and switches, a new pickguard, and other equipment I may find necessary to buy. I think that may be cheaper than an EVH guitar from Charvel, which are listed at about $2,000 to even $3,333 as I saw on a Charvel price list. I've been known to be cheap...kinda...
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If you have no idea what you are doing, don't do it. From reading what you have written(in that annoying font) you know nothing about the paint process(or that Squier doesn't make Les Pauls).
Read and find all the info you need before painting the guitar.

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