i love the original... and i liked (at least some parts of) your cover!
vocals (as you said) weren't perfect although i gotta admit the backround vocals were quite good.
Overall i kinda had the feeling that the different insturments didn't quite form one song but played for themselves...
Stupid Tom Delonge influencing another voice... you do a good job impersonating him but how often do you do it? Seems like his voice is taking over yours.

It's just personally, I don't like the way he uses vowels (mine = miyawwwwn). Besides the point.

Recording quality wasn't very clear, but if you turn down the volume on the mic and up on the amp along with the mids the tone should be crisper. Drums could be better but whatever, it was alright. At one point in the song there was some weird sound before the backing vocals came in that was pretty annoying.

Could you rate my cover of Ms. Jackson?

**** dude, are you Tom???!!!! You sound EXACTLY like him, especially in There Is. I dunno if this is a compliment or not. Try to be original i guess. I didn't like the RHCP cover, you make the vocals sound crappy and nasal like and the "bass" is off time alot of the time, and the drums miss beats and get off time amazingly often. Other than that, its ok, i guess.