Check it out, i just recorded this using garage band, all it is is a base idea, i plan to expand it and record it with a full band, i have lyrics and a melody, but i hate my voice so i have to wait until my family is out before i record them ,but check it out and tell me what you think and if you dont like what i can do to make it better...and input appreciated...thanks
it is called rock 1 for those who didnt know
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I like the contrast between the two guitars on the intro, and how on some chords there's a bit of disonnance in a way, but it sounds nice. One thing that could improve this I think is a nice bassline, the whole thing has alot of treble too it. The second theme(bridge type thing) was pretty standard fair...could use some work to make it more interesting.

Crit back please.
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There's some dissonance in parts of the intro, but when it starts grooving it gets good.

I agree with the bit about the bassline, it's got a very comfortable tempo, and as much as I like the grooves now they would really get brought up a notch with a good bassline. Even without a bass, you have a keyboard, so I'm sure something could be done.

The second theme at about 1:30 sounds a little empty, another guitar or synth theme could help out there.

There's a distorted chord that clashes a little with the wah guitar on both the intro and outro: you can hold it out, but if you resolved it I think it would be very effective. If you showed some tabs of the intro and the two guitars I can show you what I mean.

On an unrelated note: the delay. I have a delay that can be determined using milliseconds, as opposed to just turning a knob. You can probably get a delay like this using a recording program. Basically, determine how many beats you want to have passed before the delayed beat. In my song, I have it play after 3 sixteenth notes have passed, or 3/4 of a beat. After that, determine the bpm of your song, and plug into this equation.

(Fraction of a beat x 60) / bpm = Delay Time (in seconds).

So for instance, my delay was after 3/4 of a beat, and the bpm was 130. (3/4 x 60)/130=.346 seconds, or 346 milliseconds.

If you have any other questions, feel free to pm me
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I too use Garageband for my recordings so I think I can do a pretty good job critting this.

Hahahha, I've used that exact same drum loop a ton of times.

I don't really like the dissonance in the second chord you go into, it sounds weird.

The main melody that you play on the higher strings sound nice.

Overall the whole thing is very ambient and dreamy.

The heavy riff that the distortion guitar plays sounds good.

I like the return to the wah at the end, nice ending.

Stand back further from the mic when you play, I can hear the actual strumming of the strings.

But, as of right now, it's very repetitive. I think you should add a solo in or more parts or something because it's kind of bland.

But a very nice start and you have some grade A riffs in there.

Crit mine?