Does anyone know of any good plugin settings/modifications for a decent Metal/Hard Rock distortion guitar sound?

Right now I'm using the demo version of Fl Studio 6. I have the Sytrus, Sim Synth, Slayer, and Wasp plugins. Can somebody help me get a decent guitar sound? The Slayer preset is too "cheesy" for my needs, and the others are kind of too technoish. I'm still pretty new at FL, can anybody give me a hand here?

P.S. Wasn't sure where to put this, I probably ****ed up as always.

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go to the recording part of the site. And check out guitar rig. it might work.
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If you meant guitar sounds built into the synths, the VST instruments in themselves lack the nuances needed to really replicate instruments, what you have used is as good as it gets.. If you are looking for a way to plug in your guitar to get a decent tone, use Guitar Pro, or eschew FL completely for Cubase.
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Slayer sucks - it's just not usable to me - if you want to get a guitar sound, try just pirating Guitar Rig or Amp Farm or look for some other VST guitar amp plugin

if you want guitar though, the best way to go is to have decent gear...then mic it....and you can do recording real cheap, get a cheap interface or just get an XLR to 1/4 converter, then a 1/4 jack to 1/8 converter on top of that and use the mic in :p - i've done it and it is very practical