Well from what I have noticed, there are two ways to improvise and makeup solo's.

You can either know all the notes on the fret board, and know that in a certain key or scale a specfic note comes next and you can play that else where

Or you can hear notes and know what sounds good

Personally my ears are not that good. I mean they arn't bad ears, but when it comes to knowing all the sounds and what would go good with that sound im not. So i decided that I am going to learn all the notes.

I think this will help greatly with learning theory, and being able to follow and understand things better, although I have been told this is not required, I sitll want to do it.

Im just curious as to what other people have done to memorize all the notes.

Yea I can look at a string an say well this is the low E string, and I want the fifth fret, so
F, F#, G, G#, A

And follow the progressions knowing the E's and F's go to gether, and B's and C's, but how do you get to the point of looking at the 9th fret and saying, oh yeah thats a C#?

Right now im just looking through the 12th fret, cause with 24 frets, it just repeats itself.
I had a friend that suggested going through the fretboard backwards too, as well as forwards, which I think is a good idea, but I was wondeirn gif anyone else had any other methods
Fretboard Warrior game.
Two thumbs up from me. It helped me immensely when I was learning the notes. It should be a mandatory thing that all guitarists have to play at least once... fun, addictive, and educational. Gets the Seth Seal of Approval.
Also what i did to learn the notes of the fret-board is i borrowed a begginers piano book and just played the stuff on there, ahaha it helps me to actually expirience playing notes instead of studying them.
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