Alrighty, I'm a guitar player first and foremost, but I was thinking about picking up a somewhat inexpensive bass/bass amp to have around for use with recording and also I figure playing bass with your right hand fingers could help with fingerpicking/classical guitar in some way. What would you recommend? I'm not looking for anything great for a couple hundred bucks, just something that plays decent and sounds decent, ya know? I play mostly metal btw, but goddamn I'd love to play Stanley Clarke stuff. lol. So, what say you?
Just buy the Ibanez or Squier value pack if you're not all that serious about it. Through editing you can layer the bass if you don't like the sound, yadda yadda.
how much is a couple of hundred bucks?...like 200?...300?

if you're a guitar player you've probably heard of rondomusic.net and their guitars/basses, the basses there are quite good according to most people...Take a look at these
BTW they deliver to the UK too if thats where you live...

As for an amp, just look for something used on ebay or something...something small and not that powerful but with decent tone...like one of these

For non-rondomusic basses try these
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http://www.jayturser.com/bass-guitars1.htm JTb-440 is a good bass... the picture does the bass no justice at all
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Couple hundred meaning 4 or 5 hundred for the both of them, I have more but want to save that for other stuff I need. Thanks dudes