Which should I get, the Digitech Distortion Factory, or the Boss OD-20? Borth have great reviews.

Digitech - $100
Boss - $160
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The Boss is pretty cool. Look at the amp modeling one too its cool too.

Digitech DF-7. The best guitar gift I will ever get, I swear by it for everything distortion. It is definately the distortion pedal to get if you are picky about getting the "right" distortion for a song. Great pedal. Some say it doesn't sound like the original pedals and it's "digital" but they should know it's going to be digital and not an exact replica of the original by the name, Digitech.
the digitech, but make sure you get the power supply, theese things have HORRIBLE battery life (if you play with the level set high it can last as little as 45 minutes) and if the battery drains like that it can damage the modelling chip making your pedal useless.
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The lowest price i've seen for the Digitech is $100. I saw the Boss on ebay for $95, which is alot less.
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The Boss on eBay is less than the original price of it, but only 5 dollars less than the DF-7.

Get the DF-7.

Is it that much better? The Distortion Facory has less amp types, and Im not sure how it does Classic Rock
Well my birthday is on Saturday. Depending on the money, Im looking to get maybe 2-3 pedals and a pedalboard.

The pedal board is about $130. Is a Boss one on MF.

Im set on the Wylde Wah. I want alot more variety in a good distortion, other than the 2-3 tones I mostly use on my Vox. So it's either the DF or the Boss.

The Boss seems to have a ****load more variety-wise, with 22 distortion types. I can get it for the same price as the Distortion Facrory.