I'm getting a PodXT Live in a few days, I need to know the most affordable way to amplify it.

Would running it through my spider 15 (yeah, yeah..) be a good idea? Or should I do something else.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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running it through your Spider will work fine, and you allready have the spider so you don't have to pay anything for the amplification so I guess its affordable too

at gigs and such you can run it directly into the PA
yeah the pod will sound at its best through a PA
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yup. i dont know if the spiders got a line in at the back or an fx return, that would be the best place to put it. if not, just the most neutral clean tone on the amp will do. have fun dude, the pod xtl rocks.
Sounds good, guys.

Thanks a bunch \m/
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one more thing, if it doesn't sound right at first, there is a section of the podxtl configuration, near the end using the little selection wheel, where you set what the pod is running into. There are options there for the front of a combo amp, a preamp in, a 4x12, bose, etc.... You can adjust those and it changes the voicing slightly.

I found when I wanted to use a lot of metal OD/distortion sims with it, it sounded better in front of my combo amp. When I wanted to use mod effects, like chorus, delay, reverb, etc..., it sounded better on the fx loop IMO.

Great tool for direct recording by USB to the computer too. Install Line6 Monkey when you first get it, and it will download all the drivers and updated software for you. Then when you have everything installed, use Guitarport, it makes it much easier to configure all the fx and sims, cabs, mics, etc...
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XTL owns man. Great, great tone all around. However, you will be sort of crippling it running it into a Spider. There are really 2 ideal ways to run it.

1. Run it into a guitar amp - ideally, it's best if you can jack straight into the amps power amp thru a power insert or an effects return jack. In your case, you probably don't have either of those options on a 15W Spider, so you'll have to plug into the main input using a clean tone on the amp. Just remember that you will need to disable the A.I.R. speaker / mic modelling in the XTL to get the best result. You already have a speaker on your amp, so no need to model one in the XTL and have it run into a real speaker too.

Ideally, you'd want to run the XTL into a stereo guitar power amp (preferably tube, but not necessary) and into a cabinet. But power amps can be rather expensive (for good ones), so this isn't necessarily the most economically feasable option for you in the short term. However, if you plan on using the XTL long-term, this is what you should aspire to.

2. Run it into a PA or stereo amp and speakers - I have a friend who has a regular POD XT, and he runs it into a home stereo amp with regular stereo speakers, and it sounds absolutely deadly when we jam. It easily holds it's own again my all-tube El Diablo in terms of volume and sonic girth. Technically, the PODs were designed to work best in this manner. You can plug them right into the house PA system (for shows) and not require an actual guitar amp. In this case, the PA is his old stereo system.

And a lot of people have old stereo systems and speakers lying around, and you can easily find 100W receiver / amps and speakers on the used market for next to nothing. Since the proliferation of affordable 5.1 surround systems in the last few years, many people have upgraded their home stereos and have these old things lying around (you may have one yourself) or sell them off dirt cheap.
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