ive been learning about scales and modes from my guitar teacher for about 2 months now i know the pentatonics major and minor harmonic minor and about 5 of the modes down. i only know the modes in the one position he gave me for each of them but whats the best to practice these just have a back track and improving over them? and weres a good place to get more positions for modes i have the grimoire book on them if that helps.
If you learn the basic C-A-G-E-D positions (learn the "major shapes"), you can easily do modes in many places. Just remember that each mode is relative to either the major or minor (Aeonean).

Ionian: Major
Dorian: minor + 6#
Phrygian: minor plus 2b 6#
Lydian: Major + 4#
Mixolydian: Major + 7b
Aeolian (minor scale): M => R - 2 - 3b - 4 - 5 - 6b - 7b
Locrian: minor + 2b 5b

All you really have to know are the major and minor scales, and how each scale is relative.
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