This is an updated version of one of my bands old songs "Ceilings". We took some suggestions and redid it, still pretty rough quality but oh well. The first part might bore you so if you want you can fast forward to my guitar solo at the end (just a suggestion you know ). It's around 3:43 right after the static. Crit for crit of course. The song is under the singles section on my dmusic page. Enjoy!
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I myself don't like Psychadelic Rock, so I find the beginning really boring, but for someone who is into it, would like it (means it's good, just not my preference). It's got nice guitar backing and I like the empty reverb.

But now that I listen to it, I really like the chorus. It sounds really good with the cool background ambience and light guitar. Has that cool sad/empty sound.

Now I'm listening to the solo. The rythm guitar is a bit rough and could be less overdriven. But the lead guitar has very nice tone and is good all together.

Overall it's really good for it's genre. I'd just up it a bit in recording and maybe tweak some of that tone on that one guitar and you've got something really nice.
The singing starts off a bit shaky.

But it gets better as it goes.

It's kind of hard to understand what he says half the time though.

Really really strange transition from the song to the solo.

Turn the rhythm down and the lead up in the solo.

The note choice sounds good though.

And get some drums and this would be really cool, just change that transition, it was weird.

Crit mine please?

I listened to the whole song, and to be honest I found it pretty boring until the solo part.

However, the solo part is pretty cool

Though, I'd second the suggestion of lowering the volume of the backing chords and raising the volume of the lead.

Sounds like it'd be a great solo if you just did that. Pretty "epic" in sound =)

Crit for crit?
Man, this song is very similar to the structure of Televators and The Widow, from The Mars Volta. Especially the background noises made by the guitar throughout the intro. Although I do like it because I enjoy The Mars Volta and similar songs. Not bad, some of the vocals are off, but practice will always help. Solo fit well, and I loved the backing chords along with it, just turn the solo up a bit.

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Lead's too quiet

I thought the intro was a bit boring, but the solo sounded pretty good
thanks for all the crits guys, I'll make sure to fix the lead problem and get to critting your stuff on monday. Sorry I can't crit back right now, I'm at a friends house who's speakers are broken and I'm about to leave for a big concert. First thing when I get back on monday tho I'll get everything fixed.
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Do black people attract more dust too?